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This 3 Month Package is perfect for those of you wanting to commit to your health journey by bundling an initial consultation with 6 follow-up visits at a discounted rate. The initial consultation allows me to learn all about you including your past experiences with diets, relationship to food, exercise, food likes/dislikes, personal goals, dietary patterns and much more. This comprehensive package allows me to formulate a specific nutrition plan tailored to your personal nutrition, health, and lifestyle goals as we set an overall wellness vision to keep you on track. 


This is where we will reassess your current goals and discuss your overall progress of your goals. You will receive your meal plan along with recipes to fit your lifestyle and food preferences. You will also learn about meal planning strategies, and I will provide you with recommendations customized to you depending on your individuals needs. Your meal plan will be as structured (number-oriented and calorie-focused) or as loosely structured (“big picture” of quality food choices) as you like, whichever style fits your needs. Each session will be an opportunity to re-evaluate and discuss the next step in your plan, as well as provide you with accountability and ongoing support. 


  • Includes 7 total sessions: 1, 1 hour session + 3, 40 minute sessions + 3, 20 minute sessions. 
  • Meal plan and template
  • Full nutrition and dietary assessment
  • Individual goals and recommendations
  • Grocery Shopping List, Grocery Shopping Guide, Portion Guide, and Food Group Guide
  • Any additional tip sheets that  may be beneficial for your progress
  • 40% off any à la carte items during your program

PRICE: $650

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