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Cashew & Fig Cream

photo 2 My sister and I have been eating no sugar for 5 weeks. She asked me if I wanted to cut out sugar with her for a whole 8 weeks to help keep her accountable. I agreed without realising how difficult it is to actually avoid the stuff. It is literally EVERYWHERE and my eyes have really been opened to how much we eat of it without even realising.  I am still allowing myself fruit though - I could never live without fruit, it is my favourite food in the world, really!

I've really enjoyed the journey of getting creative making tasty treats without relying on sweeteners. This cashew and fig cream is one of the toppings I created for our pancakes over the weekend. It really is perfect on anything from pancakes, toast, fruit, or even in smoothies...and vegan-friendly too :)

photo 1


1 cup cashews Half cup filtered water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 dried figs


Add ingredients to a blender and combine on a high speed until creamy.

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