Wholefood Dietitian & Nutritionist │ Personal Trainer

Hello Blog World!

I'm so excited to finally call this blog my own! I've wanted to share my ideas and knowledge about health, nutrition and creative inspiration with you all...but couldn't come up with a good idea of how to do this. A few searches in google...and it occured to me...BLOGGING ofcourse!

Get excited! Because this isn't just any is a the blog of a dietitian that is not-so-typical. I say this because you won't hear me telling you what you CAN'T eat, instead I'll give you ways you can have your cake and eat it too (the healthy way offcourse)!

What you'll find on this blog: - healthy versions of your FAVOURITE recipes - Up-to-date tips, info and advice on health and nutrition - Creative inspiration for your kitchen, home and life!

Be sure to check back daily for exciting new recipes and tips on how to be a healthier you!