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A Dietitian's Breakfast

At first glance you might not be convinced…

How can a dietitian have chocolate for breakfast?

Well you see this isn’t just ANY chocolate, this is Organic Raw Dark Chocolate with 73% cacao sweetened with organic evaporated coconut nectar – the way chocolate SHOULD be eaten. This is the real deal. It is almost like eating chocolate straight from the bean of the cacao tree. Antioxidants anyone?

Anyway, this post isn’t about the health benefits of cacao (as much as I’d like to go on about it). This is about my breakfast this morning, a little something I like to call the….

Choc-Berry Bowl of Goodness (makes one serve)

Ingredients: ½ cup of rolled oats ½ cup of milk (soy/almond/rice/oat) ½ cup of water 1 small banana ½ cup blueberries 2 squares of organic raw dark chocolate

Method: Place the oats, milk and water in a bowl and microwave for 1 min. Stir the oats and add sliced banana. Microwave for another minute. Take out of microwave. Top with chopped chocolate squares and blueberries. Yum!!!

A bowl of delicious creamy, chocolatey, oaty goodness!

The best part is when the chocolate starts to melt and it covers the oats and blueberries in a glossy chocolate glow! I bet you’re already eating with your eyes…

Why should you eat this? Blueberries and Cacao are VERY high in antioxidants which will help you fight free-radicals that have been shown to cause cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants help to slow down the ageing process and encourage the natural glow of your skin.  Oats is a wonderful food as it provides loads of soluble fibre that is great for keeping you regular. It is also a dieter’s dream as it gives you sustained energy and a feeling fullness as it swells up in the digestive tract. All of these foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that will perform many weird and wonderful things in your body and make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

Question: What is your favourite breakfast?